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Software Performan test

Course Description

This core course (Mercury Load Runner training) is designed for test engineers who want to learn software performance testing includes concepts, strategies, tactics, techniques, and automation frameworks. Our training courses not only give the students a thorough knowledge of LoadRunner but also, and perhaps more importantly, the very best grounding in performance testing techniques. The testing process is presented both through theory and hands-on exercises followed by a project.

Course Outline

Introduction to Performance Testing

  •  Define VuGen
  • Identify the main components of the VuGen interface

Recording for the Web

  • Create a VuGen script by recording user steps with VuGen in the web environment
  • Describe the basics of HTML and URL recording levels



  • Identify and configure the appropriate web run-time setting for replay
  • Replay the script in VuGen to verify script functionality
  • Recognize the debugging tools available in VuGen



  • Explain the function of a transaction in a script
  • Insert a transaction in a script during and after recording



  • Explain what parameters are and how they work
  • Solve playback problems with parameterization
  • Parameterize a script for load testing


Auto Correlation after Recording

  • Define Correlation
  • Correlate dynamic values found by using the Auto Correlation tool



  • Recognize why and when to use verification
  • Identify visual cues to check for during load testing
  • Add Text Checkpoints during and after recording



  • Create multiple Actions for a web script
  • Configure Actions to achieve load testing goals


Introduction to Script View

  • Identify when Script view is necessary
  • Send customized output messages to the Replay Log
  • Identify basic C code including statements, variables, and functions
  • Apply basic debugging techniques in VuGen


Advanced Scripting Techniques

  • Recognize general LoadRunner functions
  • Recognize protocol specific functions


Manual Correlation

  • Determine when general manual correlation is required
  • Correlate dynamic values using the create parameter option


Auto Correlation During Recording

  • Create correlation rules to auto correlate during recording
  • Import and export correlation rules


Planning an Effective Scenario

  • Define measurable goals for your load test
  • Gather preliminary information before load testing your system
  • Organize system information effectively
  • Use gather information to plan load tests



  • Describe the LoadRunner architecture
  • Determine where to install LoadRunner components
  • Identify hardware and software needed for installation


Introduction to Scenarios

  • Explain elements that make a LoadRunner scenario
  • Present the basic steps for creating a scenario


Using Run-time Settings

  • Explain the difference between Script and Scenario Run-time settings
  • Configure Run-time settings
  • Configure Run-time settings based on load testing goals


Scenario Execution

  • Prepare for a scenario run
  • Identify techniques for running a scenario efficiently


Scheduling Scenarios

  • Explain Scheduling by Scenario and by Group
  • Configure Scenario Start Time
  • Explain a Real-Life Schedule and a Run until Complete Schedule
  • Manage Schedules through the Actions grid
  • Manage Schedules through the Scenario Interactive Graph


Performance Monitors

  • Explain the value of performance monitors
  • Select performance monitors to achieve load test goals
  • Add measurements for performance based goals



  • Explain the value of analyzing results

Work with the graphs to display data

Project - Test a commercial CRM product

Software Performance Testing

LR Training / LoadRunner Training

20 hrs classroom instruction

9 AM - 1 PM (5 weekend classes)

Course Completion Certificate by Svatitech

Basic knowledge of Software Testing. Quality Center knowledge is highly desirable.

Recommended Reading
Just Enough Software Test Automation by Daniel J. Mosley and Bruce A. Posey.
Mercury/HP LoadRunner Tutorial & User Guide.

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